We make apps

Bighfish Apps is a team of high-professional developers in sphere of mobile apps creation. The wide specter of services is available in our company: creative design creation, project administration, strategy generation and apps creation for such platforms as iOS, Android, Blackberry and Smart TV.
iPhone & iPad
Windows Phone
TV Apps

Bighfish Apps easily turn into reality the most creative and unusual ideas, helping you reach the new level of quality in service offering.

What are advantages of mobile app?

  • It is a tool of effective marketing and communication channel: make your point for every customer. We can bring your personal marketing offer to the concrete user locally at a given time, using popular apps potential.
  • Up-to-date corporative decision: cooperate with you employees from any spot of the Earth. Even distantly you can follow project realization, get and analyze reports. That will help you take the right decision.

Mass distribution of mobile apps is caused by increasing smartphone popularity. Smartphone possibilities continue to extend. And also mass distribution is caused by Internet role in ideas, products and services promotion and also by international business organization.

At any time mobile app let integrate current information, spreading it quickly among concrete target audience.

You should care about your own corporate and branded mobile app for your company to act maximally effective amid competitive landscape.

And Bigfish Apps will care about clients’ needs in effective communications to be fully satisfied.

For more information, contact us at hello@bigfishapps.com